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Welcome to DBHK!

A real estate consultancy firm so groundbreaking, makes sure to assist buyers from shortlisting to unlocking the doors of their dream abode. The fantastic team at Dbhk is all set to take you through the journey of a comfortable buying experience, yes, for free. You are offered a platter of 100% fair, unbiased deals creating the ultimate safety net for your investment.

The ultimate results we all need!

A convenient way to search homes

Gone are the days when you had to step out and approach a broker while searching for the homes. At discounted BHK we offer a free consultation regarding the real estate property.

Hassle-free ownership of your property

Forget about standing in the long queue to complete all of the legal paperwork required with purchasing a house. We’ll make sure your home buying experience is as smooth as possible.

Consultation services

We understand that purchasing a home can be a time-consuming process. That is why, at discounted BHK, we connect you with highly qualified real estate consultants who will walk you through the entire ownership process.

Transparency in buying homes

We don’t add on any extra fees, and we make sure you fully understand how we go about finding the finest real estate deal for you.

Easy registration of your property

We connect you with the appropriate government personnel who deal with your property’s registration and other crucial documents.

Pune before and after

Where it all Began


Although 1990 saw less infrastructure development in Pune, there was a massive influx of people in prime locations like Aundh, Balewadi-Baner, Hinjewadi due to emerging IT industries. Real estate was quite turbulent at that time, with high prices and risky investment.



Year 2000 saw the beginning of infrastructure development in Pune, along with an increase in the population with a growth rate of 4.24%. The average housing price was Rs. 2,490 per sq ft.

The Real Estate Surge


Year 2010 saw an increase in the number of real estate projects and township planning initiatives around major educational institutes and IT industry areas. The average housing price was Rs. 3,300 per sqft.

Pandemic's Real Estate Resilience


Although the onset of COVID-19 pandemic shook the real estate market with 60% reduction in the new project launches, the second half of the year saw a slight increase in the closure of real estate deals due to reduction in interest rates and stamp duty. The average housing price was around 5,083 per sq ft.

Pune Areas in limelight

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